Services for Teachers, Authors, and Researches

The Library offers the following services to Teachers, Authors, and Researchers:

Support in using the RMS such as EndNote and Zotero

The Reference Management Software (such as Zotero and EndNote) allows you to write automatically the bibliography of a scientific paper, without manual and repetitive jobs. The RMS software generates the desired citational style. See also the Video Tutorial [ITA]

Bibliometric guidance

If you are planning to, or are asking to publish in a scientific journal, the Library offers you the bibliometric journal profile issued by JCR (Journal Citation Report). The Library suggests also some tools to detect the more pertinent and relevant journals for your submission, starting with the draft title or abstract of your article.

Books purchasing / document delivery

The Library purchases the books for learning or researching activities (you can also make a specific request) and delivers you documents or journal articles not included in our subscriptions (Document delivery service).

Organizing courses for first-year students to allow them to use the more authoritative bibliographic resources

In agreement with the Teachers, the Library organizes learning activities for first-year students to allow them to develop soft skills such as the ability to find more authoritative biomedical information by exploiting the subscribed digital resources (Wiley, Elsevier, Springer, Jama, NEJM, Lancet, etc.). For more info see  ADE courses  [ITA] until now organized. For more info mail to:

SBA: supporting Authors that publish in Open Access

The Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo (SBA) helps you to keep up with the APC (Article Processing Charges). In fact the SBA by subscribing to transformative agreements [ITA] with the publishers, or by participating in Institutional programs sustaining the Gold Open Access. [ITA]. Mail to: More info: [ITA].

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Last update 19 August 2023