Thematic portals


- Resources on REHABILITATION MEDICINE (2023, June)
- Resources on TRANSFUSIONAL MEDICINE (2023, May) 
- Resources on PHARMACOLOGY (2023, March)
- Resources on DIETETICS (2023, march) 
- Resources on PEDIATRICS (2023, January) 
- Resources on HEALTH MANAGEMENT (2022, September)
- Resources on NURSING SCIENCES (2022, October)
- Resources on PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES (2022, November)
- Resources on RARE DISEASES AND ORPHAN DRUGS (2022, December)

WAT "THEMATIC PORTALS" ARE: web pages planned and delivered by the information specialists of the Library Reference service office. They offer more authoritative digital resources (such as e-journals, ebooks, institutional websites, data repositories, and databases) on thematic issues in a systematic way. 
WHAT ARE "THEMATIC PORTALS" FOR? They are planned and designed for quickly orienting and finding digital resources interesting for a specific biomedical subject. 
WHAT THE "TEMATIC PORTALS" CONTAIN: the main institutional websites relating to a biomedical thematic subject (such as Research Centers, Associations, and data sources) and the Databases both subscribed by the Institution and Open/Free; a selection of e-journals with the latest Impact Factor, a selection of subscribed ebooks. Through these "Portals," the Library offers a targeted service to the Scientific Community and takes advantage of the numerous institutional subscriptions to digital resources.

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Last update 7 September 2023